PE60517-$5.95--x                  PCB 13010-$5.95                PCB 24006-5.95

 BE60102 - $9.95                BE60512- $9.95        `          BE61118-$9.95
Garden on Green                  Shaded Purple Garden           Color Wave Set

BE60104- $9.95                   BE52907 $9.95                  BE60117- $9.95
Sunflower Garden                 Rose  Daisy                          Peach Daisy--x
Bead Set                                Bead Set                              Bead  Set

  10% OFF ORDERS OVER $35.00                              15% $35.01 - $70.00                  20% $70.01- $100.00
 25% OFF ORDERS $100.00 AND UP

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Payment can be by Pay Pal, Money Order, Persoanl Check, or Business check.  Email me a list of what you would like or use the order form provided.  I will send you a Pay Pal invoice including shipping.  The items on this page are about $2.25 each but after the first it is a small add on for the rest.  If you do have a large order I will weigh it and send you the shipping that way.  You do not have to pay by Pay Pal but their invoice is very easy to use.